New cell modelling tool takes guesswork out microglia morphology

December 14, 2018
Necessity is the mother of invention, and Elisa York, a PhD student in Dr. Brian MacVicar’s lab found that in addressing a need in her own research she could solve a larger problem for other researchers studying microglia (the brain’s immune cells).

Dr. LP Bernier on CBC Early Edition

May 18, 2018
Dr. Louis-Philippe Bernier was a guest of CBC's The Early Edition on May 18 to talk about new stroke research highlighted at the Canadian Association for Neuroscience Meeting in Vancouver this week.

Dr. Nick Weilinger receives Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

June 8, 2017
In theory, cerebral edema is a very simple issue; it’s the movement of water from the blood into the brain by osmosis, causing brain swelling.